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Web Design UAE Trends 2020

Published by Admin | 01 Mar 2020

Increased focus on UX/UI

New websites providing visitors with easy-to-read content and easy-to-use interfaces. Fully covered background images integrating to any one of the the home page section. call-to-action (CTA) buttons to the left of the header with eye-catching images on the right.

White space
Including more white space in each section compared to the previous years.

Screen size
Full size screen size is the latest trend.

Involved illustrations
Integrating illustrations in website, which will give different and modern look to the website.

Font sizes
Modern web design will play important role in fonts.

A collaboration of photos and illustrations on the banner images. Corporate sites integrating videos as their banner instead of photos.

Grid design
Grid design is the another change. The CSS Grid layout gives a special attraction on the website which is one of the top web design trend for 2020.

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